2019 Peninsula

Rhett bringing the rock makes me want to get to Sixth Street


Hard to beat a college tour that ends with Death Cab and Odesza

The Lemonheads have a well worn rut in the rotation of my youth, it was great to expand that connection tonight at the Tractor

The Twins are in town. Catching some ⚾️ with the dog

Got the band back together

This guy


Starting the weekend with a blue Pastis

⚾️ with Dan and John

Drupalcon 2019

Words for consideration: active, connected, curious. Brain Maintain

Sunshine and blue skies in Seattle today

Mariners fan fest 2019

Better Oblivion Community Center provides a reason to stay up very late with Team Shafer

Another beauty in the desert

Team HB1879 in Olympia

Ozomatli 🎷🎺 🥁 🎸

SoCal 19
* ☀️
* #2
* Dave-e-D
* Side hustle for the side hustle - “if you don’t carry 2 phones are you even trying?”

Data1 Lookout

Semiahmoo scenes

While there are many good answers here, there is only one correct answer

A visit to Zig Zag with a Manhattan for Tyler

PDX 19

In a church