Jr sporting some new duds at the game

Seattle doing its best November

Seattle Skyline

Kishi Bashi puts on a helluva show

There are 21 kindergarteners who have the good fortune of starting their school career in this lady’s classroom tomorrow, and their lives will be better for it. This master teacher is skilled and dedicated and is committed to the success of each of those kids. I am proud of what she is about to do.

Cousin Connection

Paper it forward 🔂

CHBP 2019 Really enjoyed Little Wins and Scarlet Parke

Me and Marge

Foshay Tower

Found artifacts from many moons ago

4th in Prosser

New Rig

Take the damn photo dad

2019 Peninsula

Kishi Bashi and crew deliver a memorable performance

Rhett bringing the rock makes me want to get to Sixth Street


Hard to beat a college tour that ends with Death Cab and Odesza

The Lemonheads have a well worn rut in the rotation of my youth, it was great to expand that connection tonight at the Tractor

The Twins are in town. Catching some ⚾️ with the dog

Got the band back together

This guy


Starting the weekend with a blue Pastis

⚾️ with Dan and John

Drupalcon 2019